Poetry: Untitled - Conversation with Cleverbot - Artificial Intelligence

April 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Me: I want to be always inspired. Do you have any suggestions. 
Clev: Flowers? 
Me: I do like flowers. They used to inspire me. I'm looking for a new inspiration.
Clev: Ok, but it's a little odd that you don't listen to them if you like them. 
Me: But what else besides flowers?
Clev: Because you said you did 3 times. 
Me: But besides flowers. Stars maybe? 
Clev: *the pollen tickles your nose* 
Me: The dew from the starlight. 
Clev: We've been told the leaves are falling down. 
Me: What about when the stars fall?


Sept 8, 11:24pm 2016


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