Mae Koo | Poetry: Dreams (song lyrics)

Poetry: Dreams (song lyrics)

April 04, 2017

Taking me 
I’m high, I’m low, 
I don’t know 
I’ll see you in my dreams 
Where I’m living 
I only know life in my dreams 
Where I’m living 
Am I living 
And it's a funeral march to me 
I'll sink into the earth to end where I began 
I know my worth 
I end in earth 
I will bury it 
Moments will pass eternally 
I let them go 
They go to you 
I live in silence so big and vast 
I cannot see from shadows I cast 
I was born from silence and I will enter it again
Trees in bloom 
My hollow room
My loneliness will diverge 
Into streams of blue 
To flow 
to you 
I have the key to everything 
In my dreams 
And I will meet you in my dreams 
Where I'm living 
The place where we originate and the place where we return 


March 17, 2017, 10:19pm