Mae Koo | Poetry: Untitled - It's an immense futility

Poetry: Untitled - It's an immense futility

April 04, 2017

It's an immense futility - that aches
I hear your voice - like a bell
It resonates 
And I want to fall on my knees 
And give myself to oblivion 
It's the greatest high 
When I have gods eye 
My hands are no longer tied 
I am free momentarily. 
I wanted to be a god among men 
A tall pine on top of a mountain. 

But the tall pines on the crest of the hill in twilight 
Dance circles around me
Of skill and intuition 

I should have never wandered from your cavernous depths
To drown in a shimmering lake - 
A mirage of myself. 

Birdsong under darkness
First the bloom
The heavy scent - 
Then the shortened but ever denser night 
outside my window 
Singing at witching hours 
While you dance among darkened towers. 

The sun in my eyes and the wind in my soul dies with me 
I take nothing except everything that I was 
I leave behind everything I am that was - 

April 2, 2017, 1:34am