Mae Koo | Poetry: Untitled - Try to Keep at bay

Poetry: Untitled - Try to Keep at bay

April 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Try to keep at bay 
the world 
The creeping allotments of life 
Remnants, disturbed 
the frontier of sleep.
They are still living
they were living here-
all of our world
no one you know. 
The maned lion
the youngest drummer-
we shall all die out there.
Houses lonely
far-off floating
in full view...


Though it seems like death is final, one likes to wonder if it really is. What's an interpretation of death? Can death symbolize a new beginning? The circle of life. Does a preoccupation with the idea of ending come from a curiosity in things unexplainable or a subconscious wish or awareness of annihilation? Does the idea of a thing being "in full view" give one a sense of power or awareness? Power to the self or power to the thing in view.. or both? 



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